Best ‘new’ Tech website?

I am a fan of sci/tech. Regularly visit sites like, BBC Tech, Yahoo Technology, Endgadget etc, but I was looking for great new sites with a fresh face and didn’t find many that I liked. The one that did stand out was GadgTecs, its a great source for latest science and technology news, it has a different interface (black, compared to the predominantly “white” on the internet) and I like their pick of stories.

For e.g. the most recent article I read there was about “C.H.I.P”, its the cheapest computer in the world, costs only $9 (link: Imagine the difference it can make to the world, especially the poor countries, the developing world and even students who want to learn programming!

CHIP vs Banana CHIP compared in size to a banana

Anyways, thats it for now, have to go back and try to sleep as its sooo hot here nowadays, even people are melting! adios


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