The Modular ‘Fairphone 2’ is available now – Is it any good?

Two years after Fairphone launched its debut gadget, the firm is back with an altogether more interesting follow-up. Fairphone’s first handset was released in 2013, and was intended to be a more equitable device — one which used fairly traded supplies and put a premium on better working conditions for those that assembled the handset. Despite coming from an unknown Dutch startup, 60,000 individuals went on to purchase the handset. Because of the firm’s startup status, Fairphone’s first handset was based on a reference design from its initial manufacturing partner. The design of the Fairphone 2, however, was more under the company’s control, enabling it to bring in a new, modular design. By allowing customers to swap out elements of their smartphone — the screen or headphone jack, for instance — if they break or want an upgrade, Fairphone hopes that customers will have the ability to keep their smartphones for much longer than the normal two-year upgrade cycle with out feeling like they are suffering as a consequence. Result: fewer old handsets ending up in landfill. “We came up with the original concept of [a phone] that you might disassemble, maintain, restore and ultimately upgrade… We had a goal in mind: the basic idea was we wanted to have individuals use it for about 5 years. It sounds lengthy in this day and age, however when you go back about 5 years, that is the iPhone 4S, and there are still lots of people utilizing an iPhone 4S,” Olivier Hebert, the firm’s CTO, said Taking the modular concept from the drawing board to shop cabinets has been no straightforward task. “A normal cellphone is one monolithic block with every thing built-in and you’ve got a couple of exterior surfaces, and that is it. We now have seven different components [the modules that make up the phone], and each single one of them is a product in itself. All that complexity you need to create a cosmetically right product, you’ve that multiplied by seven.” What’s inside the Fairphone So what is the smartphone like to use? It is a tougher cellphone to evaluate than many of its contemporaries because it manages to be both an average mid-range Android, and somewhat special, at the same time. The Fairphone 2 opened up – Source: ZD Net At the basic level, it has a big, bright display; at 32GB it has a fairly large memory; and it has a solid processor, the Snapdragon 801. It is light to carry, however with a 5-inch display and a half-inch of bezel, it is chunky in the hand. That sense of chunkiness isn’t dispelled by the cellphone’s depth. That is partially due to the Fairphone 2’s built-in protective case that snaps on and off the handset — options include a rather smart semi-translucent darkish blue number. The cases have a rubber bumper that goes around the cellphone’s edges and onto the front, to guard the handset from the drops and falls that may end up in a smashed display screen — another way the company has provided you with something that can keep handsets from an […]

Source: The Modular ‘Fairphone 2’ is available now – Is it any good?


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