WiFi mouse leave billions at risk of computer hack – Bastille

According to a cyber security firm Bastille, if you are using a Wireless (WiFi) mouse, then its very easy to hack your system, from as far as 180 meters!

Source: Wireless moice leave billions at risk of being hacked – Cyber Security Firm


“They never have encrypted the mouse signals, making it possible for the attacker to deliver unencrypted signals on the WiFi dongle pretending to become keyboard and possess it result as keystrokes as part of your pc. This could be similar to if the attacker was sitting your pc typing on the pc,” stated the protection researcher, Newlin.

A hacker are able to use an antenna, a radio chip known as dongle, both designed for around $15 (USD), as well as an easy brand of code to trick the WiFi chip linked towards the target pc into accepting becoming a mouse.


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