What’s The New Craze After Fidget Spinner? The Orbiter

The Orbiter’s concept was originally released in March 2017 by TEC Accessories on Indiegogo and they started delivering this in September 2017 (just last month). It has enjoyed a meteoric rise since it’s release. We think someone just came up with this idea by accident (we don’t have any proof). Probably they were sitting around in their living room with some strong Neodymium magnets and a metal pinball laying around from some old board games, abandoned crafting projects and a fidget spinner in hand. And a Eureka moment happened! A new “fidgeting device” that is taking over the toy world by storm. The company was able to raise 4 times their target money on the crowdfunding site! Originally, the Orbiter’s […]

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World’s 1st Blockchain Smartphone Coming Soon

Sirin Labs, the makers of the “luxury” Solarin smartphone, are turning their sights towards the rising blockchain and cryptocurrency trade. They recently announced plans for a series of reasonably priced (comparatively, from their earlier phones) units built on a free blockchain. Sirin Labs, the firm behind that ridiculously priced Android smartphone, now has another phone to share with the world, and in contrast to its $14,000 predecessor, this one is anticipated to be priced at $999 only. Named after scientist Hal Finney, recipient of the world’s first bitcoin transaction, the Finney blockchain smartphone is an open-source, ultra-secure smartphone built on an independent, free blockchain network. It is expected to come with a 256GB internal memory, 8 GB ram, a 16-megapixel camera, a […]

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Camera in your contact lenses?! Sony wants that!

Sony revealed the latest in video recording technology with their new patent for contact lenses. These patented contact lens are blink powered and are able to record and store video all within the lens! This is amazing since as far as we know there is nothing else like this. Just the thought of such technology could be exciting and yet a bit unnerving at the same time. I could only imagine what it would be like to have the ability to record any moment literally “at the blink of an eye”! Imagine being at a special event with family and friends and have the capability of recording the moment and even take pictures just by blinking. Sony even plans on […]

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The MiFone L58 Smartwatch

Smart watches have become very popular lately. Many have considered buying one, but were discouraged because of extravagant prices or low quality on lookalike versions. We just received a sample of a smart watch which we can recommend to you. This is the MiFone L58 SmartWatch – a smart watch that can comprise good quality at a reasonable price. First of all we loved the style of this smart watch. It feels good on the hand, and its sleek and professional look will complement any outfit. The strap is made from an anti-allergic material which is safe as well as quite durable. Moreover it is an IP67 waterproof grade, so you can keep it on as you wash your hands […]

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Vintage LED Bulbs

Nowadays, vintage LED bulbs are becoming increasingly popular lately. These bulbs are renowned for their vintage or retro look and look really nice in places where a traditional or classical decor reigns. For those who have their homes with such a style, the chances are that you are still using traditional incandescent bulbs because you could not make yourself change to the more modern looking LEDs. Otherwise, you may have switched to LED bulbs, but are not happy with the way they look on your lighting fixtures. However, now there is no need to forego looks just for the sake of saving money on energy bills, or the other way round. Thanks to LED filament bulbs which retain the traditional […]

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Best Android Tablets for Gaming in 2017

Are you looking for the best Android tablet for gaming? There are plenty of Android tablets on the market. But not all of them are great for running most of the games. In recent years, the trend of mobile gaming has increased. There are several games optimised for tablets and mobile devices. But which is the best tablet for gaming can be difficult to figure out. So, we have created a list of cheap tablets that are great for playing games. Take a look at the best Android tablets that offers outstanding gaming experience. Nvidia Shield K1 The Nvidia Shield K1 tablet is ideal for true gamers. It is perfect for playing games with amazing graphics on the go. It […]

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How To Select A Printer Toner Cartridge

What’s a Toner Cartridge? It’s the consumable element of a laser printer. It contains the material (toner) used to produce the picture onto the paper. What’s a Laser Toner? In contrast to ink, the toner is a dry powdery substance. During the laser printing process, the toner powder is electrically charged (static) so that it’s attracted to the printer drum (similar to a balloon being rubbed against your hair and then placed near small paper scraps). The toner is then transferred to the paper after being melted by the fuser, creating an everlasting image on the paper. What’s an OEM Cartridge? OEM cartridges or Original Equipment Manufacturer cartridges are the type of cartridge that’s produced by the company that manufactures your printer. Of […]

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